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Rosneft's Refineries Win the Russian Environmental Leadership Contest

06 February 2024

Rosneft's Samara group of refineries won again the All-Russian Environmental Contest «Leader of Environmental Protection Activities in Russia». Kuibyshev, Syzran and Novokuibyshevsk refineries received the highest awards.

Preservation of the environment for future generations is an integral part of the corporate culture of Rosneft. All the Company's enterprises aim to achieve leadership positions in minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the eco-friendliness of its production.

Syzran Refinery won the Best Environmental Policy in the Refining Industry award. In 2023, the plant's environmental laboratory successfully passed the competence confirmation procedure. Expert testing showed full compliance of the laboratory with the interstate standard GOST «General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories» and accreditation criteria. The refinery successfully implements environmental projects to improve the pipeline reliability, efficient water resources management, land reclamation, and replenishment of bioresources in the region where it operates.

The enterprise monitors air, water and soil status 24 hours a day, which is performed by three modern stationary and one mobile environmental checkpoints, as well as a mobile laboratory.

The Syzran Refinery's sanitary laboratory employees performed about 300,000 different analyses in 2023, including water, air, soil and ground.  

Kuibyshev Refinery won the Environmental Responsibility award. The refinery is implementing a large-scale investment programme to overhaul its production facilities. By converting facilities to natural gas, launching new industrial sites, as well as environmental protection measures, the atmospheric load has decreased 2.5 times over the last few years. Water withdrawal from natural sources has been reduced by 20 percent. The volume of wastewater decreased by 10 percent. The modernisation of recycled water supply units, reconstruction of water intake and water pipelines resulted in the proportion of recycled water in the enterprise's water supply exceeding 91%. The company's total investment in environmental protection over the last six years exceeded RUB 12 billion.

The Novokuibyshevsk Refinery is actively implementing a comprehensive environmental program. During the last five years, the plant has reduced its environmental load by 19%, while the amount of generated waste reduced by 58%. The recycled water usage at the plant increased to 96%. The plant uses a multilevel system of real-time environmental control, which allows the enterprise to have up-to-date information on the state of the environment in the zone of influence and promptly take measures to prevent possible negative impact.

All Rosneft enterprises actively introduce environmental protection technologies and implement large-scale environmental initiatives. Employees of the Company's subsidiaries are active participants of the all-Russian environmental events «Russian Cedars», «Russian Water», «Green Spring», and «Earth Hour». During 2023 volunteers of Kuibyshev, Novokuibyshevsk and Syzran refineries planted 14 thousand saplings of oaks, pines, cedars, birches on the territories of parks and squares, forestries of Samara Region. In 2023, 225 thousand fry of valuable fish species - carp, sterlet, capercaillie, pikeperch - were released into the Volga water area.

The plants implement social and educational projects to encourage the younger generation to take care of nature. They also organize excursions, creative contests and ecological campaigns.

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February 6, 2024

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