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Bashneft Allocates over RUB4.2 Billion for Environmental Projects

18 November 2021

Bashneft, an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company, has allocated over 4.2 billion roubles for environmental projects in the nine months of 2021. Green investments and environmental protection measures under implementation are designed to reduce the impact on the atmosphere, increase the utilisation of associated gas, safely dispose of industrial waste, remediate land, implement pipeline reliability programmes, restore forests, replenish fish fauna and meet the requirements of environmental legislation.

Preservation of the environment for the future generations is a priority for Rosneft. The Company runs a number of extensive environmental programmes and maintains a leading position in minimising its environmental footprint and making its operations environmentally friendly.

Over the three quarters of 2021, Bashneft has reduced its impact on the atmosphere by 11% by upgrading its operations and implementing environment-oriented measures. Bashneft’s refineries produce various fuels of the Euro 5 class and the green Euro 6 class. The by-product, hydrogen sulphide gas, is fully processed into sulphur, which is widely used in agriculture as the basis for fertiliser production and in a variety of industrial sectors.

Bashneft’s refineries in Ufa perform round-the-clock environmental monitoring. They take measurements at units equipped with modern high-precision sensors, as well as near the enterprise’s production facilities using mobile environmental stations that measure pollutant content in the ambient air at the boundary of the plants’ sanitary protection zone.

In addition, the enterprise has a high-tech system to monitor the quality of the ambient air, which analyses the chemical composition of the air in Ufa’s residential areas. The data received is automatically transmitted to the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Bashneft received international accreditation for the system in 2020.

Another important factor in protecting the atmosphere is the targeted gas programme, through which the infrastructure of gas treatment and transmission facilities—the gas pipeline system and multiphase pumping stations, which enable the heterogeneous oil and gas mix to be pumped and transported for further gas treatment and subsequent utilisation)—is gradually upgraded. Through the implementation of the gas programme, Bashneft ensured the level of APG utilisation in the Republic of Bashkortostan close to 97% (standard is at least 95%), while at the largest field in the republic, the Arlanskoye field, this indicator reached 99%.

To monitor greenhouse gas levels at production facilities, Bashneft’s specialists have started using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with state-of-the-art laser gas analysers and high-resolution photo and video cameras.

This year, Bashneft has increased the volume of oil-contaminated waste recycling/treatment by 21% year-on-year.

An important part of Bashneft’s environmental activities is preserving the biodiversity of Russia’s water bodies. In 2021, Bashneft’s employees released into the water over 672,000 fry of whitefish, muksun and sterlet. Artificial stocking helps to maintain the ecological balance of water bodies, and the fry raised in hatcheries adapt well in open water.

This year, Bashneft has performed the largest-scale land remediation in the past 20 years. The enterprise’s employees have planted more than 3.6 million seedlings of conifers in the regions of operation, mainly in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The total area of planting exceeded 900 hectares.

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November 18, 2021

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