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Bashneft Increasing Its APG Utilisation Capacity

11 March 2021

Bashneft, a subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company, has completed the upgrading of a gas pipeline to send associated petroleum gas (APG) from the Urshakskoye field to the Shkapovskoye gas processing plant in Bashkiria. As part of the upgrading, a new gas pipeline was built, which will ensure uninterrupted shipments of hydrocarbon feedstock for processing in the amount of up to 50,000 cubic metres per day. Gas transportation through the pipeline is now possible even if certain sections of the pipeline are stopped for repairs.

The construction of an additional gas pipeline 10.8 km long from the Urshak compressor station to the Raevka distributor in the Aurgazinsky district of Bashkiria will increase the reliability of the APG transportation system and ensure the uninterrupted shipment of gas feedstock. Associated petroleum gas at the Shkapovsky GPP is processed into gas motor fuel, stable natural gasoline, which is a valuable feedstock for the chemical industry, and other products.

The construction of an additional line of the gas pipeline was an important step in the implementation of the Company’s targeted gas programme aimed at reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies for purification, dehydration and compression, associated petroleum gas, which was considered as a by-product of oil production in the industry for many decades, has become a valuable raw material.

The development of the Company’s gas business follows the global trend of using cleaner gas fuel. The implementation of the APG Management Improvement Programme reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves the environmental situation in the producing regions.

Large-scale investments in the construction of gas pipelines, gas compressor stations and facilities for petroleum gas re-injection into productive formations to increase their oil recovery rate allowed Bashneft to increase the level of rational use of APG by more than 400% over nine years. For instance, it reaches 99% at the main Arlan group of fields, 98% at the Krasnokholmsk group of fields, which are the leading indicators in the industry. In general, this indicator reached 96% at the company’s fields in Bashkiria, while the standard is 95%.

Note for Editors:

Bashneft is one of the oldest oil and gas enterprises in the country engaged in oil extraction and processing. The key assets of Bashneft, including the refinery and petrochemical complex, are located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Oil and gas exploration and production are also carried out in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area--Yugra, Nenets Autonomous Area, Orenburg Region and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The target programme of Bashneft for the APG utilisation in the Republic of Bashkortostan has been operating since 2012 and includes three main areas: the gas shipment for refining at the Tuimazinsky and Shkapovsky gas processing plants of Bashneft to obtain valuable petrochemical feedstock, the consumption of APG for generating electricity and injecting into the formation to maintain overburden pressure.

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March 11, 2021

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