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Rosneft Executives Discuss Corporate Safety and Accident-Free Production

23 December 2020

Rosneft Oil Company top executives, HSE executives, the interregional trade union organisation management, directors and HSE managers of the Company’s enterprises have participated in an extended meeting on accident-free production in the Company’s operations.

“Human life and health are an unconditional value for Rosneft. For me as an executive, this is a priority,” Igor Sechin, Rosneft Oil Company Chief Executive Officer, said addressing the audience.

This year, the whole world is facing new challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. This has also affected the Company’s operations. The difficult situation poses new challenges to Rosneft’s huge team. Their decisions have an impact on the lives and health of hundreds of thousands of Company employees and the smooth operation of all production facilities.

The safety of Rosneft’s employees is central to the Company’s mission. Rosneft operates on the principle that any accident can be prevented.

Addressing his colleagues, Igor Sechin stressed: “I urge managers at all levels, Company employees and our contractors to take personal responsibility for ensuring that safety principles and rules are strictly adhered to at Rosneft’s production facilities: the so-called zero tolerance for violations of the Golden Rules of Safety at Work; increased control over the performance of high risk work; immediate intervention and suspension of work if performed improperly; holding accountable those employees who do not meet the Company’s expectations and requirements. I am certain that all Rosneft employees will treat their own health and the safety of their colleagues responsibly today and in the future.”

The meeting participants noted the effective joint work of the production units and HSE services to ensure safe working conditions and prevent emergencies. Particular attention is paid to preparing facilities for New Year’s Eve holidays, and to intensifying control and preventive measures in the area of occupational health and safety. The heads of the Group’s enterprises in all operating divisions had the opportunity not only to listen to key messages from the Company’s management, but also to share their personal experiences. The meeting reaffirmed the priority of occupational health and safety issues and zero tolerance for fatal injuries. The links between industry and the HSE services in the enterprises were found to be highly effective.

Summing up the meeting, Brian McLeod, Vice President, Health, Safety and Environment, called on managers at all levels to demonstrate by personal example their commitment to safe work practices. The Directors General were instructed to ensure that all the basic safety rules established by the Company were complied with in the Group’s enterprises, and that their implementation would contribute to the achievement of the Company’s strategic goals.

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December 23, 2020

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