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First Aframax Tanker Starts Sea Trials

15 September 2020

Sea trials of the Vladimir Monomakh tanker have begun at Zvezda Shipbuilding complex. This is the first-in-class Aframax tanker, that has never been built in Russia before.

Vladimir Monomakh was set afloat in May, 2020, ahead of contractual schedule. The vessel has successfully passed mooring trials, during which inspection and adjustment of systems and equipment were performed, the tanker’s main engine was started, its working capacity and readiness for the sea were tested. After that, the tanker was unmoored from the outfitting quay and moved out the shipyard’s waters, then moved to the area of the trials under its own power. During the trials, the vessel’s speed performance and its steering capabilities in all operating conditions will be tested.

Following the sea trials, controlling the opening of machines will be performed in order to present them to the Maritime Register of Shipping and to Rosnefteflot, the vessel’s commissioner and Rosneft Oil Company’s subsidiary, that specialises in chartering and port warranty, implementation of shipbuilding projects and managing sea and river fleet.

Aframax oil loading tankers are designed for carrying oil and petroleum products in unrestricted navigation. The tanker has length of 250 metres, width of 44 metres, deadweight of 114 thousand tonnes, and speed of 14.6 knots, with ICE-1A ice-class. The tanker has a helicopter pad.

Zvezda Shipbuilding complex is established at the Far Eastern Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center (FESRC) by a consortium led by Rosneft, upon the instruction of the President of Russia. &The shipyard’s portfolio currently includes 12 Aframax tankers, 10 of which were ordered by Rosnefteflot.

nbsp;Vladimir Monomakh is the first Aframax vessel built in Russia. These “green” vessels are designed in compliance with high environmental safety standards. The main and additional power supply units can operate on either traditional or green fuel – liquefied natural gas, which complies with new rules limiting sulphur oxides and greenhouse gases emissions in Baltic and the North Sea basins.

Note for Editors:

Zvezda Shipbuilding complex project includes operating facilities that have already been commissioned - hull production workshop, painting booths and open heavy outfitting berth, as well as second-train facilities under construction, including the biggest dry dock in Russia (overall dimensions 485m x 114m x 14m).

Zvezda Shipbuilding complex is designed for the production of large-capacity vessels, ice-class vessels with a displacement of up to 350 tonnes, special-purpose vessels, and other marine equipment. The shipyard’s portfolio already contains over 40 vessels.

September 15, 2020

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