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RN-Tuapsinsky Refinery LLC, the Krasnodar Territory, has been part of the vertically integrated structure of Rosneft since its establishment.   This is the only Russian refinery located on the Black Sea coast, and also one of the oldest: it was put into operation in 1929.   In 1942, its equipment was dismantled and evacuated to Krasnovodsk.   The post-war reconstruction of the refinery was started in 1948 and the first unit was commissioned in 1949.

The plant provides processing of oil from the West Siberian, Orenburg and Stavropol fields. Oil is supplied to the refinery by pipeline and rail transport; oil products are shipped by rail, water and road transport.

The modernization program of RN-Tuapsinsky Refinery LLC is carried out in  three stages:

  • The 1st stage of construction - as part of the technological unit (section) of ELOU-AVT-12 (with a capacity of 12 million tons per year for oil) and off-site facilities;
  • The 2nd stage of construction:
    • Phase 1 as part of hydrocracking units for vacuum gas oil, diesel fuel hydrotreating  sulfur production, hydrogen production and off-site facilities;
    • Phase 2 as part of technological units for gasoline hydrotreating, reforming, isomerization and off-site facilities;
  • The 3rd stage of construction - as part of the Flexicoking plant and off-site facilities.

In 2013, the installation for primary processing of oil ELOU-AVT-12 and other facilities of the first start-up complex were commissioned.

In 2017, investments were directed to the implementation of large-scale reconstruction projects of the plant, including the construction of a hydrocracking-hydrotreating complex with off-site facilities. In the 2017 reporting year, the construction of the second start-up complex was underway, and off-site facilities were put into operation, which are ready for use in accordance with their purpose.

After completion of the Modernization Program, the depth of oil refining  will increase to 98.5%.

Modernization of the Tuapsinsky Refinery will ensure the growing demand for high-quality motor fuels in the South of Russia.  In addition, given the unique geographic position and transshipment capacity of the Company in Tuapse, opportunities for an alternative to crude oil exportation will be expanded.